ASTEL' 2012Prof. Vladimir Poulkov
Dean, Faculty of Telecommunications, Technical University of Sofia
Convergence of Telecommunication, Navigation, Sensor networks and Services
ASTEL' 2012Prof. Antoni Slavinski
New Bulgarian University
The challenges for the education in a changing telecommunications world
ASTEL' 2012Peter Statev
Chairman, Bulgarian ICT Cluster
Bulgarian telecom solutions providers and development and opportunities of regional telecom network and service markets
ASTEL' 2012Stamen Kotchkov
Board member of the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies – BASSCOM
Working group of the Bulgarian ICT industry on Education – participants, goals, objectives
ASTEL' 2012Boyko Harlov 
Higher College of Telecommunications and Post
Kamena Caneva
 “TVCent” Ltd.
Time-oriented billing of digital audio-visual streams